Research Objectives

How to foster students writing skills by the use of AI-enabled learning support?

Research objective A: Develop needs analysis and students data literacy for academic writing 

This research project aims to provide reliable and practical ways to monitor students (evolving) assets and needs for the use of such AI-enabled student support.

Research objective B: Operationalize quality indicators for developing AI-enabled learning support 

This study aims to contribute to the theoretical understanding of the options and possibilities as well as the affordances and limitations of AI-enabled learning support for academic writing.

Research objective C: Investigate acceptance and the changes in writing practice 

We investigate to what extent the personalized learning support system is accepted by students and contributes to altered writing performance and practices in the long run.

The expected outcomes of the planned project are the following: A) designed and evaluated data literacy inventory for freshmen students academic writing; B) operationalized and validated quality indicators of AI-enabled learning support; C) measured impact on how to improve freshmen students data literacy for academic writing and the quality of academic writing, and long-term measured effects on changed writing practice.

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