Learning Design

The design of the instructional approach for the use of the AI-enabled learning support fostering academic writing combines three elements:

Competence-oriented writing process and extended opportunities for writing 

Students engage in cycles of planning, translating, and reviewing in a structured process based on six modules. Students have to write an academic paper for real purposes and audiences over an extended period of time. 

Personalized and individualized writing instruction                              

Provided through mini-lessons and task assignments as part of the ML-enabled learning support. The writing instructions facilitate the effective and efficient use of the AI-enabled learning support. The support system provides visualized interface interaction.

Scaffolding students writing with the AI-enabled learning support

Providing further assistance to help students how to use the ML-enabled learning support and the data-based feedback during the writing process. In particular adaptive coaching by instructors, having peers help each other or providing examples of what the end product.

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