Next Generation of Digital Support for Fostering Student’s Academic Writing Skills

The study investigates a new generation of digital support for academic writing and offers deep insights into how AI technology can change academic writing and impacts changes in instructional approaches and adaptive coaching.

Relevance of the project

Academic writing skills enable students to convey their understanding and critical thinking. However, in many contexts, writing skills are not promoted or training measures are rather ineffective. Recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) make it possible to analyze the writing quality of texts. This can be leveraged to provide students with individual and adaptive feedback as well as to support gains in students’ writing motivation and writing.

Research Objectives

This study explores a new generation of mostly web-based approaches connecting writing technology with more vigorous instructional offers to writers than before. The scientific aim of this proposed research project is to develop an empirically-informed foundation for supporting freshmen students through the use of AI-enabled learning support. AI provides new opportunities for learning analytics and technology support based on NLP and ML.

Learning Design

The research project is a collaboration between the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and the Mahidol University in Thailand. The target group of the study are freshmen students at both universities. To address the research goal, we need to build on two strands of research:


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